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Create a Detailed Report for Any Online Identity in Minutes

Digital Footprint is an aggregated set of tools that allows the searching of publicly available information from a variety of data sources. 

We find what other services can't - including social media accounts, employment history, dating profiles, gaming profiles, dark web credential breaches, indexed search engine occurrences, and much more.


Take back control of your Online Identity

The information submitted via this form is securely encrypted and will not be sold or distributed. As fellow OSINT professionals, we recognize the significance of maintaining privacy. Please be advised that the data contained in these reports may include false positives and is not intended for use in any official capacity. Our service compiles information from open-source databases, and we assume no liability for the utilization of the information provided. We do not qualify as a consumer reporting agency as outlined by the FCRA, and our reports are exempt from the FCRA's regulations. Consequently, our reports should not be employed to assess an individual's suitability for employment, housing, credit, or any other purpose governed by the FCRA.

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