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Concord Cold Case Murder Solved After 30 Years. Beloved Community member Terrie Ladwig

Terrie Ladwig was strangled to death in her home almost 30 years ago. (Twitter/@henryklee)
Terrie Ladwig was strangled to death in her home almost 30 years ago. (Twitter/@henryklee)

James William Grimsley, 55, has been arrested and is suspected of being involved in the cold case murder of Terrie Ladwig, a 28-year-old trans woman, that took place almost 30 years ago. The victim was found strangled and beaten to death in her Concord, California apartment on December 2nd, 1994. The suspect, Grimsley, was 26 years old at the time of the murder. The police connected the crime to him following a recent re-examination of cold case killings. Police Lieutenant Sean Donnelly stated that forensic evidence was discovered at the crime scene, but declined to provide specific details. Police Lieutenant Sean Donnelly spoke to the Mercury News and stated that the police are confident James William Grimsley is the person responsible for the murder of Terrie Ladwig. Grimsley, a truck driver from Oregon, was arrested at his home in Utah and taken to the Salt Lake County jail with a $1 million warrant for his extradition to Contra Costa County. He has been charged with strangling Ladwig using an extension cord. The authorities are still investigating the motive behind the crime, but detectives believe Grimsley's job may have brought him to Contra Costa County in the 1990s where the murder took place. Terrie, who was only 28 years old at the time, lived in Concord with her husband who worked for the US Navy.

According to the Contra Costa Times, in 2004, Terrie Ladwig had contacted her husband when she heard someone trying to break into their home. Her husband, who was stationed at a US Navy base in Bangor, Washington, rushed back to Concord and found Terrie's body. He immediately contacted the police. Despite initially being considered a suspect, Terrie's husband was cleared and discharged from the US Navy with an "other than honorable" status. Lieutenant Sean Donnelly commented on the tragedy, saying "Terrie Ladwig was only 28 years old at the time, with her whole life ahead of her. Hopefully, after all these years, justice will finally be served." __ Use the CyberOne Intelligence tool Digital Footprint Reportto find any online identity! Do you have a hunch that this person may be not who you think? Get some piece of mind.

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