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Love Gone Wrong: Illinois Man's Date from Hell Ends in Kidnapping and Chaos

On Sunday, just after 5 pm, a woman in distress walked into an auto parts store in Dolton, Illinois. According to the police, the woman and a man had arrived at the store in the same vehicle, but she entered the store first. The woman approached a cashier, who reported to the police that he noticed visible bruises on her, injuries and that she appeared to be upset.

Dolton Police Department

Dolton Police Suspect

The Dolton Police Chief, Robert Collins, revealed that the woman had been held against her will and that she had met a man on a dating app. The cashier further reported that the woman had bruises on her neck and arms, as well as a bandage on her right hand that was soaked in blood.

As the victim was in the store, the man who had arrived with her followed and told her that was enough before he allegedly grabbed her and dragged her out of the shop and into a vehicle, as reported by WFLD. The cashier called the police, but the man became impatient and left with the woman before the police arrived.

On Monday morning, the police found the vehicle in which the pair had arrived, but they did not find the woman or the man. However, the woman was found safe later that day, and the suspect is in custody. While the authorities are treating the incident as a possible kidnapping, they have stated that this was not a case of someone randomly abducting people off the street.

Dolton Kidnapped woman

Recently, another kidnapping suspect, Benjamin Foster, 36, who was accused of torturing and beating a woman until she was unconscious, was on the run in Oregon in late January. Foster was actively using online dating applications to contact unsuspecting individuals who may have assisted with his escape or potentially become additional victims. Foster eventually took his own life after attempting to escape the police for days. Researching your date involves verifying their identity, conducting background checks, and looking for any red flags in their behavior or online presence. By doing so, you can make informed decisions about whether or not to pursue a relationship with them, and protect yourself from potential harm.

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